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Home Preparations Spanish Insurances

Spanish Insurances

Nicla Property Consultancy assists you from A to Z and that includes several insurances that are important when you own a Spanish holiday property or live in Spain permanently.

In short: NICLA Property Consultancy is also at your service where it concerns insurances for you and your Spanish property.

Below you´ll find the insurances Nicla Property Consultancy can offer.

Spanish Health Insurance

You can use both the public and the private health system. We recommend you use both systems because together they correspond with the English health care.

Spanish public health care system

Everyone pays a contribution to the Spanish Social Securities (Seguridad Social) when you work for a Spanish company or are self-employed in Spain. This contribution entitles you to free or subsidized medical service (with the same conditions which apply to the Spanish) and you can consider this insurance a basic cover for medical aid and medicines.

Ziektekostenverzekering in Spanje

After you register with the Seguridad Social, you will receive a registry card (cartilla de la seguridad social or tarjeta sanitaria) by mail between 4 and 8 weeks later. In some cases you can pick up your register card at the nearest Centro de Salud. A married couple with only one working partner is insured under the same social security number and also all (for example children under the age of 16) who are mentioned on the registry card.

Spanish private health care system

With a completing private insurance you´ll have:

- Shorter waiting list

- Free choice of hospital and doctors

- More extensive cover like dentists, specialists and physiotherapy

The private insurance is, as far as premium is concerned, comparable with the NHS in England. (the maximum age to start most insurances is 55)


Spanish House Insurance – Household effects - Liability

It is customary in Spain to have these three insurances in one policy.

Spanish House Insurance

The house insurance covers structural damage caused by earthquakes, lightning, explosion, fire etc.. Insure the accurate rebuild value of your house. That is the amount you would need right now to build your house again (excl. plot and foundation)

If you are going to buy a new built pay attention to the DECENAL-insurance. This is the insurance which gives you a ten year guarantee for construction defects. Before the construction starts this insurance must be effected by you as a constituent or the contractor.

Spanish Household effects Insurance

The Household effects Insurance covers the damage to your belongings in the house. For example damage after a fire or burst waterpipes or a refund for goods that you have lost after a burglary. The insurance will be made for your personal situation and they will also look at the value of your personal goods and the living situation.

Spanish Liability Insurance

It can happen that others suffer financial damage or physical injuries where you or a member of your family are responsible for. This can cause dire financial consequences for you. This insurance also covers damage caused by your pet(s).


Spanish Car Insurance

In Spain they use 2 kinds of car insurances: Third Party & All Risks with or without excess. The car can be insured in Spain once is has been registered. NICLA Property Consultancy can also assist you with this. In some cases, the no-claim discount you may have in the UK can be taken over by the Spanish insurance company with a maximum of 55%.

Spanish Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is very important if you go on a holiday. It covers all costs of loss, burglary or damage to you luggage.

Autoverzekering in Spanje

Imagine you become ill during your holiday then, this insurance covers the medical treatment and the extra costs for accommodation. If you are seriously ill and for your recovery it would be better if someone from home comes to visit you, then this insurance covers that as well. Besides, the costs of repatriation will be covered by the travel insurance. You can have a travel insurance with Europe or World coverage.

It is always important to read the conditions of your policy to know if you need a complementary insurance for special sports like climbing, delta flying, hang gliding, caving, ultra light flying, ice climbing, etc.

IMPORTANT don’t give up your English insurance before you have your new Spanish insurance to avoid problems.